Advanced Disqus Comments Plugin For WordPress

Are you using Disqus on your WordPress site? Make it more functional with some 
extra cool features by using the DCL plugin

Yes, there is a Free Version Too! Download from the official WordPress.org plugin repository

Get Your Page Speed Back

A Slow Website will lose its visitors. DCL Helps you load Disqus comments only if needed, using 3 advanced lazy loading features – Scroll Start, Scroll Down and On Click
Disqus Website Speed
Mobile and Desktop - DCLWP

Separate Options for Mobile and Desktop

You can have different lazy load types in mobile and non-mobile devices. DCL will help you to make your mobile visitors not to wait long..

Woocommerce Support

WordPress websites which run using the Woocommerce plugin can now be integrated with Disqus. Thanks to DCL, you can now have a new tab for Disqus comments too..

Woo DCL Pic
EDD Disqus Support

Easy Digital Downloads Support

Using Easy Digital Downloads? Want to show comments for products? DCL lets you do that with the help of Disqus Comments..

Very Simple Installation

Disqus Conditional Load is built to be quick and simple to setup. After installation, you’re ready to go in just a couple of seconds.!

Easy Setup DCL

What Our Users Are Saying

  • Kemmy Jose – wheelsandchips.com

    Disqus is a great platform for commenting as well as building a forum on your website. But its default plugin increases load on your website and makes it slow. After I tried the DCL plugin, I experienced that my website loaded faster than usual and I could not believe it. The DCL Pro version is even better! I recommend this for all Disqus users. It is a must-have plugin!

  • Andy Mercer – andymercer.net

    I love Disqus, but there are so many resources that are loaded. My page loading times shot up drastically. Using this plugin rather than the official Disqus plugin lets me lazy load everything instead.

  • Ian Anderson Gray – iag.me

    I've been using the Disqus Conditional Load plugin for a long while now and it's been a huge factor in reducing the load time of my site. Fast loading times are becoming more and more important- not just for Google but for impatient website visitors. I also have to say the level of customer support I've received from Joel has always been nothing short of amazing.

  • Josef Seidl | blog-it-solutions.de

    The plugin by Joel is amazing and it has reduced the load time for a specific page in my tests by 25 %! I really recommend this plugin to everyone who uses DISQUS and cares about performance and especially load time.