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Upgrading to the all new DCL Pro

This article only for DCL Pro users, to upgrade for the first time

Follow these instructions to update the DCL to new version.

Download the latest version of the dcl plugin by following the links in your purchase receipt that we sent. If these have expired, contact us to get the link/file or use Licenses page to resend your receipt again with new download links.

Log in to your WordPress admin and navigate to plugins menu.

If you have DCL Pro or Free version installed already, please deactivate it. Then upload the new plugin zip file which we downloaded.

Activate it after upload and it will automatically transfer all your old settings to the new plugin.

After activation, you can delete the old one safely! Then activate your copy of DCL using your unique license key. See this article to knwo more about activating your license.

Now you have upgraded to the new DCL Pro. After activation , you will start receiving automatic updates just like any other plugins.

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Need Support?
If you ever need help with DCL, you are encouraged to use our contact page where you can always get your support questions answered. If you'd like to report a bug or have ideas for how to improve the plugin, please mention that in your mail.