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Showing Comments Count On Button

In order to show comment count on button you will need to have DCL Pro version. If you have the pro version already go on!

You will need to enter your Disqus API key first. For that register an app with Disqus.

Click here to create new app. Just fill the form and make sure you enter the correct website (where you have installed DCL Pro) on the website text box.

After creating the app, go to this page and get your API key, that is your Public Key. ( You will have to assign a trusted domain, which should be our website).

Disqus API Keys



Just copy and paste the public key to theĀ  API Application Public Key field in Disqus settings page on your website.

Disqus API Keys in Dashboard


Now you can enable Comment Count on Button option on your DCL settings. If you have added a valid API key, it will start showing comments count.

Note: It will work only if you are using On Click option to load comments.

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